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Last night, Dustin Opper, Heather Reed, Braden Walter, Jennie Friedman, Nate Judge, Antonio Myers, Beth Gould, and Andrea Cornick gathered in the Writing Center for a discussion in the last installment of our series on Power. Andrea gave a fantastic presentation on corporate espionage as part of Dr. Fleming’s Ethics in Technology course. Thanks, Andrea! You did a wonderful job!

Here is some of what was shared:

Nate Judge– “Power” by Edwina Matthews

 To some power is guns
To some power is knifes
To some power is the ability to read, and write.
To some power is control
To some power is a fist
To some like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. power was words.
To some power is like a trapped animal trying to get out of a cage.
To some power is love
To some power is art
To some power is money
To me power is knowledge
So what is power to you?

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