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Lunch with Ms. Valentino-Bottaro

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On September 27, 2011, Peer Writing Consultants Braden Walter and Dustin Opper had lunch with Ms. Valentino-Bottaro, Human Services Instructor, as part of the Writing Center’s Lunch with Professors program. Here is what Braden wrote about the experience:

Supper with Super-men (and Women!)
Last September, Dustin Opper and I had a very special lunch.  During our lunch, we had a sit-down with one of Beacon’s newest additions: Ms. Valentino-Bottaro.  The following article contains the information that Dustin and I surmised about the journey of the lovely, and fascinating, Ms. Valentino-Bottaro. 
Q: What can you tell us about your journey leading up to teaching at Beacon College?
A: Grant writer, community comities (e.g.: Safe Climate Coalition, Trauma Informed Care, Dance for Parkinson’s, Dance for Wellness).
Q: What is your favorite aspect of Beacon College?
A: “We are all here for the same purpose and [we] all work together.  I really love the dedication and teamwork.”
Q: If you could change anything at Beacon, what would it be?
A: She would like to see classes on trauma informed care, arts as medicine, mental health first aid, more education classes, classes on addiction issues, and she would like to see more empowerment groups.
Q: Who is your childhood hero?
A: “[Her parents] they were patient, hands-on, and realistic.  They brought about compassion and empowerment.”  Her parents were blue-collar workers and she stated that because of her parents’ socio-economic background, that they really helped push her to reach her full potential.
Q: How did you come to be at the Beacon College?
A: It was Mrs. Valentino-Battaro’s dream to teach at Beacon.  Early, in her career, Mrs. Valentino-Battaro discovered Beacon College while working with at-risk-youth.  She took a tour of Beacon and on-the-spot decided that one day she would teach at Beacon.  The road to Beacon was fraught with peril and challenges.  Eventually, Mrs. Valentino-Battaro landed several guest speaking gigs.  Mrs. Valentio-Battaro’s resolve eventually won over the faculty.  Last Spring Semester, she was added as an adjunct-professor and the rest is history.
On behalf of the Robert and Jane Weiner Writing Center, as well as the rest of the Beacon College Community, I would like to welcome Mrs. Valentino-Battaro into our family.  As always, I wish all of you success in all of your endeavors. – Braden Walter
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