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Last night, Dustin Opper, Marc Major, Cameron Devine, Heather Reed, Carl Casimir, Braden Walter, and Jack Callahan gathered in the Writing Center to continue the discussion on the theme of Truth by sharing writings and poetry!

Here is some of what was shared:

Carl Casimir- The Truth of the Truth by Kannan Gopinathan

The Sages and Seers
That be and have been
Cannot have seen
The truth of the Truth!

What they see as Truth
Is Truth merely
It’s not really
The truth of the Truth!

The Ultimate Truth
Cannot be known
We aren’t that grown –
The truth of the Truth!

We’re part of the Truth
We’re trying to see
We’re yet so tiny –
The truth of the Truth!

Though hard and great
The pains we give
We cannot outlive
The truth of the Truth!

What’s Truth to you once
Remains not the same
So changing the game –
The truth of the Truth!

What’s Truth to a man
Is not Truth to all
That’s what we call
The truth of the Truth!

These thoughts as I pen
It’s Truth to me
It’s to me only
The truth of the Truth! 

Marc Major- The Truth It Can Be Hurtful by Francis Duggan

I may not like what you say of me but if of me you speak the truth
Though the truth it can be hurtful if it is not spoken without ruth
The truth cannot defame me if of me the truth you say
And if the truth taints my character well that too is okay.

But if you tell lies about someone and know them to be lies
Then the dislike I’d feel for one like you i barely could disguise
For lies can be defamatory when used in such a way
Any respect to a malicious liar i would find hard to pay.

The truth it can be hurtful as we all ought to know
But out of the truth it can be said respect for one does grow
And though you may not like what’s said about you at least what’s said is true
And to the one who speaks the truth credit is always due.

The truth it can be hurtful but the truth is never wrong
And those who cannot accept the truth mentally cannot grow strong
And though for some the truth is poison they’d rather live a lie
The truth lives on forever and the truth will never die. 

Dustin Opper- Marching in Mexico (1919) Gen. George. S. Patton

The column winds on snake-like,
Through blistering, treeless spaces;
The hovering gray-black dust clouds
Tint in ghoulish shades our faces.

The sweat of muddied bubbles,
Trickles down the horses rumps;
The saddles creak, the gunboots chafe,
The swinging holster bumps.

At last the halt is sounded.
The outpost trots away;
The lines of tattered pup-tents rise,
We’ve marched another day.

The rolling horses raise more dust,
While from the copper skies
Like vultures, stopping on the slain,
Come multitudes of flies.

The irate cooks their rites perform
Like pixies ’round the blaze,
The smoking grease wood stings our eyes,
Sun-scorched for countless days.

The sun dips past the western ridge,
The thin dry air grows cold,
We shiver through the freezing night,
In one thin blanket rolled.

The night wind stirs the cactus,
And shifts the sand o’er all,
The horses squeal, the sentries curse,
The lean coyotes call.

Ocean Breathes Salty by Modest Mouse

Tell me what you saw an I’ll tell you what you missed where the ocean met the sky u missed when time and life shook hands and said goodbye when the earth folded in on itself are you really there well I wouldn’t hold my breath u wasted life why wouldn’t u waste death

Jack Callahan- from Poems on Truth by Sri Chinmoy

Love is Truth. Truth is Love.
With Love the Truth, man finds his place in the Heart of God.
With Truth the Love, God finds His place in the heart of man.

Braden Walter- The Truth by Emily Dickinson

The Truth—is stirless—
Other force—may be presumed to move—
This—then—is best for confidence—
When oldest Cedars swerve—

And Oaks untwist their fists—
And Mountains—feeble—lean—
How excellent a Body, that
Stands without a Bone—

How vigorous a Force
That holds without a Prop—
Truth stays Herself—and every man
That trusts Her—boldly up— 

Heather Reed- I need to believe by Maria Luisa Taylor

The truth cleans your mind
Truth refreshes
Truth is solid
Truth is beauty, beauty is truth

The truth will stand when all,
else falls.
Truth is never broken or hurt
Truth is being honest with one another
Lie… People say lies in orden to cover
The truth.

What is truth?
Truth is… H’ard
I need to believed the truth in your words.
I need to believe. 

Ms. Le- seeker of truth by e.e. cummings

seeker of truth

follow no path
all paths lead where

truth is here

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