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Featured: Academic Words Story

| Student Work, Writing Center

Ms. Le’s Analytical Reading & Writing class was asked to incorporate academic words “acquisition,” “aspects,” “consumer,” “distinction,” “evaluation,” “obtained,” “perceived,” “primary,” “resources,” and “sought” into a creative story.

This week, Evan Ernsteen’s story, Psychologist Appointment, is featured.

Psychologist Appointment

A store clerk went to the psychologist to get an evaluation because he needed help with a problem. The store clerk and the psychologist talked for a while. The psychologist perceived that the store clerk was having problems with a stocker because he was rambling forever about this stocker. The stocker acquired the skill to climb a ladder because he never climbed up a ladder before. The primary thing that the store clerk wanted to talk about was that he observed that this stocker sought out resources to take home to his family because they were low on food. The various aspects that the stocker told in the interview was that he could work pretty quickly and that was why the store clerk hired him. The stocker already told the store clerk that he needed money and food for his family because they lived in the mountains, where it snowed about 9 inches every 3 months. The store clerk obtained information from the cashiers that a consumer was buying too much food and they wondered if it was the stocker person that they hired. The reason that the cashiers think that he did it was because of a main distinction of hair color.

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