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Academic Word Stories

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Ms. Le’s Analytical Reading & Writing class was assigned ten academic words and asked to incorporate them into a creative story. This week, the words were: analysis, concept, context, evidence, interpretation, issues, principle, research, source, and theory.

Here are some of their stories!

I have finally figured out the source of why I sleep so late. I always had issues trying to get up in the morning. I think I need to come up with a concept to get myself up. My theory is because I like to stay up all night, I have a difficult time getting up the next morning. Well, my evidence was that back home, my mom would have to yell at me to get me up. Now that I’m at Beacon, the context of my living arrangements have changed. Getting up now requires an alarm clock. I also did some research on why sleep is important and did an analysis that I’ll need more sleep to do my best. It seems that the principle of why I sleep so late is because I have too much fun playing games or hanging out with friends. At least that’s my parents’ interpretation.

by Victor Salcedo

Midterm Paper
The teacher gave a midterm paper and the topic was whatever the student chooses. The criteria of the paper had to include an issue, 3 sources, and a theory to complement the paper as a concluding paragraph. The sources had to be in APA format in order for the sources to be accounted for. The student chose the topic of PlayStation because of the founding principle of a memory card. After the student picked the topic, he researched the concept of the electronic wiring of the memory card to analyze how the data is read off of the memory card. he found some websites that could be used for evidence to back up his claim, which is how the memory card is formatted. He cited the websites in the correct format that the teacher wanted for the paper and then moved on to analyze the content on the websites. He checked the websites out and they had the information that he needed for the paper so he could move onto the issue of the midterm. The issue that he wanted to understand was how the PlayStation interprets the disk that gets inserted into the counsel. Near the end of the paper, around the 8th paragraph, was where the student put the overall context and analysis from all his sources that he looked up. After all the revisions were done to the midterm, the student turned the midterm on time. The student got the paper back from the teacher and got a B+ for some mechanical errors and unexplained points on the essay.

by Evan Ernsteen
Once, there were two roommates who had lots of issues. The source of the problems started when one roommate became very sloppy and dirty and the other took his context overboard when they tried to talk it out. Their interpretations of each other were over-analyzed, but one had a theory that if they had a concept with one another, they could come up with some principle set of rules. So they both did their research and came up with the evidence that they could live happily ever after.
by Ryan Parham
On April 21, 2018, I was at the coffee shop waiting for my meal when suddenly, I saw flashes in an alley. I walked out of the coffee shop and walked quickly to the alley and saw a dead body. I searched the body for evidence and the only thing I found was a wallet and the murder weapon. When the police arrived, I handed them the 99 Magnum in a plastic bag, and told them to analyze the gun for fingerprints. After the police took the body away, I was thinking to myself who it was and what were the issues between them. I thought about it for a few seconds. That’s when my cell went off. Ha called me and wanted me back for a theory of who the killer was. The forensic police officers researched the gun and might have found a source of the killer’s name and the concept of the killer’s whereabouts. The officer told me different locations, but my interpretation was right under my nose. I walked as fast as I could to my car, started it up, and drove as fast as I could to the same alley where my context started. I found the criminal and brought him back to Ha. The officers took care of him. I went back to the same coffee shop and told them what happened. Before I left, I said to them that my principle is to find out what happened to bring them to justice.
by Sal Attardo
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