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Lunch with Dr. Prindle

| Student Work, Writing Center

On Thursday, April 14th, Ms. Le and Writing Center Peer Consultants Braden Walter and Dustin Opper had lunch with Dr. Prindle! Here is what Dustin wrote about the experience:

Interview with Dr. Prindle

Dr. Prindle was originally a teacher’s administrator, when one day an epiphany changed his direction and made it evident to him that he wanted to teach. After 25 years of teaching psychology, he is going strong, spreading his immense knowledge with the student body here at Beacon College. Commonly known as the “Guru,” Dr. Prindle is making his mark through his innovative philosophies that are found in the options he gives students when it’s time for an assignment. Dr. Prindle stated, “Through presentations, we all learn,” a statement so profound co-peer consultant Braden Walter had to hide his squeals of joy.

(edited by Braden Walter)

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