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LAST NIGHT: Beacon Memories I

| Student Work, Writing Center

Yale Katz, Braden Walter, Chase Richards, Laura Butler, Carly Eisenstein, Shawn Bramley, Carolyn Shea, Dustin Opper, and a special guest, Dustin’s cousin Todd, hung out in the Writing Center for the first of three Beacon Memories Nights!

Here are some memories that were shared:

Yale Katz:

A Beacon College memory of mine is becoming Treasurer of the Student Government Association.

Another Beacon College memory occurred overseas on the cultural studies abroad trip to Amsterdam, Paris, and Normandy. I celebrated my 23rd birthday in Amsterdam.

Carolyn Shea:

Fall 2005-2006
Freshman year, the group that I was hanging out with and I went back to a friend’s apartment to go and watch a movie. During the movie, the futon broke beneath us because of the weight of all of us on top of it. It was so funny.
Sophomore year- the trip to downtown Disney with my current boyfriend at the time. On the way back, we got a little lost and went on a weird road near the main turnpike. I saw a creepy man in the distance and then I didn’t see him. Then we ended up back on the turnpike at the end.
Junior year- later on in the night. Alvin was really weird; he decided to jump into the lake near the apartment. He was jumping around and being a weirdo. I had to help him out and put him to bed. The second one was when I was turning 21 years old. I got a limo and went to a nice steakhouse. I got really drunk, came back, and kind of yelled at one of my friends. It was a very funny night.

Senior year- the first camping trip I went on is when J.R. and Chase were in the kayak going down the road. J.R. was in it first and it was funny to see. Then, Chase went into it. The last thing that happened was Katie Champ’s car got stuck in the mud and everyone had to help out to get her. She was really stuck. It took over an hour to get her out. By the end of it, all of us got her car out and everyone was covered in mud. It was really funny.

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