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Last night, Shawn Bramley, Alex Sweet, Nate Judge, Katie West, Carolyn Shea, Bill Baldwin, Blair Perlman, and Chase Richards talked about their most cherished moments at Beacon College. It was a memorable night in the Writing Center!

Here are some pieces written by students about their memories here at Beacon:

An Original Poem by Carolyn Shea

Carolyn Shea
Class of 2011

A time goes by flowing of clouds on the sky
Every friend either stays or goes in your life
Love comes and goes with every passing day
True friends stay by you no matter what the cost of everything
Memories of old and new friends go through your mind about different situations
Memories of parties, gatherings, get-togethers, and other things go through your mind about different friends
Friendships new and old come and go with every new experience that shows coming clouds.
Times goes by and along with friends with the passing years.
The friendships that you made in the past to the future.
Life goes on every passing moment no matter what goes on.
Life is about trying to make sense and trying to make good choices versus bad ones.

This is dedicated to the Class of 2011 and all of the friends that I have made here since I came back to Beacon College.

My Second Home (Beacon Memories) by Alex Sweet
Most of my life, I knew a lot, and I mean A LOT of people growing up, but I never had actual friends. And when I did, I pushed them away without meaning to, especially my last two years of high school. When I was 17 and a junior in high school, I thought I had made my first best friend, who was a dude too, because I didn’t have many guy friends. I actually felt like I belonged and felt truly accepted by someone who didn’t just pity me. But during the summer before my senior year, some things happened, and I lost my so-called best friend. Other than my senior prom, my whole senior year sucked. I went to a small school, so I didn’t have many other options to make more friends. And I’ve been going to this school for 10 years, so many knew or thought they knew my business. I was the type to hang out with people outside of school mostly- the weird people especially, but also people who did some illegal things even though I never did. After I graduated, even though many of them are on my Facebook, the kids from my high school and the people who I considered my so-called friends, I have no contact with them really anymore. Those were my “golden years” of high school and in truth, I wish things could’ve been different. 
After the summer I graduated high school, I came to Beacon College, another school made for LD students. When I got here, I wanted to start anew, have what I should’ve had in Orlando, or high school. So far, it’s been great. I feel accepted by many, and TRULY accepted, not just pitied. I love the classes even though I’m struggling in some, I’m not known for drama, but as a weird, fun, sweet guy. I love the trips we go on and I have signed up to go to Ireland and Scotland next summer after my sophomore year of Beacon. I love traveling. In high school, I was considered dramatic when in fact I was hurting and stepping up for people. Whenever I did step up for myself, because the truth can be misinterpreted, not many kids and grownups saw the good or fun in me anymore. Sometimes I get annoyed with a lot of people here, at times I worry things will change for me here to bad, and it will be like my high school all over again or worse. But I haven’t been this happy in a very long time.
True, I still try to hang with people and go out more and it’s been hard, because many are distant, but I love it here. I even invited some friends or good acquaintances I know from Orlando who I get along with fully to Beacon a couple times. Some things have changed here between me and some people and some have seen my more emotional side, but I haven’t gotten into any drama like before, except my own. I may never be the “popular” school kid or dude who has a ton of actual friends that I go out with and have fun A LOT of the time, but I feel more accepted here than I am in Orlando or did in high school. I know a lot of people in Orlando, but don’t have many actual friends. I am a deep, emotional, intelligent, mature, and very aware dude for a 19-year-old, but I love having fun, too. 
I hope to come back next year to my second “home.” Things could change, but I hope to handle it better than I did in high school. I don’t expect to have best friends anymore, but to feel more like I belong and get my work done. I also feel like I’m doing more adult responsibilities and taking school more seriously since I came here, even though I’m 19 and still pretty young. I came to Beacon to start a new life and I have so far. Even if people I know from Orlando come here next year or next semester that I never really got along with, I hope to get along with them better than I did in high school and in Orlando. I hope to succeed to my dreams, whatever they may be, and have a great future even with all my struggles. Someday, I hope I’ll find the girl who is right for me and my dream of sitting on the beach with this girl and watching the sunset comes true. Beacon College could be MY golden school years. I hope to find my place in life more and Beacon College so far seems like it is doing that. I hope to reach for the stars someday.
“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
– Nelson Mandela (my senior class 2010 high school quote)


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