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The Exit Sign by EB Newlon

| Arts

Woken up with a loud bang.
The earth shakes and quivers.
I hear a loud roar and rumble just outside.

As I wake up with a start,
I see dust and debris
coming down on me.

Then I see a huge monster
with skin an onyx black
with jagged teeth.

Tearing at my house, it eats
through the rooms, and ceiling
and floor, and walls.

Wood and stone crash around me
as I hang onto my perch
at the front door.

For I am the Exit Sign
and I will not leave my post.
For if there is a soul
that needs to see me, I
will shine and make the way out
for I am the Exit Sign.

The monster still tears through my home.
But I stand strong and tall.

The walls shake and I lose
my footing. I slip and fall
into the open doorway,
but my safety line catches me.

Hanging by a thread, I twirl
and see the destruction all around me.
But I will not let go, for I am the Exit Sign.

The monster is close now, but I
hang on. I then hear cheering.
I turn and see a crowd of people. They are cheering for me
to hang on.

As my home crumbles around me,
I find my last ounce of strength
to hang on. I then feel
weightless as I fall into the
debris of my home.

But I am not sad or beaten,
For I have led every soul that has walked my home, to the
world outside my doors.

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