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Meet Beacon Buzz Student Journalist: Jacob Bogdanski

| Writing Center

What is up! My name is Jacob John Bogdanski. I’m from CT, but born in Lima, Peru. I am studying Human Services at Beacon, but with a certificate of completion in Culinary Arts from Vinal Tech High School. I’m a freshman for now. When I’m finally given the okay to leave, then I will probably go into culinary and find a nice restaurant to work in. One groovy fact about me is that I can play bass and guitar, if given the chants at the same time! I think that news is important for the students because they get to know people better and may find some new friends. Well, that’s my life (here at least). I will be around, if not rockin’ n’ rollin in the apartment, then out and about, hopefully not in trouble. If I’m not, then cool! Let’s talk!

Jake signing off…

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