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Beacon student Khiry Washington wrote a letter in support of creating a Student Government Association. Here it is!

My name is Khiry Washington. I have been a student here for the past two semesters, and I am majoring in Human Services. I came here hoping to be heard in a way that I haven’t before throughout my entire academic career, both in and out of the classroom. I have been heard by my professors and peers inside the classroom, but within the larger college framework, I feel I haven’t had the opportunities for this goal to be achieved.

Currently, most students at Beacon who have problems with the current rules or policies don’t know who to talk to or the correct procedure for changing the regulations. I feel that if Beacon College had a strong working Student Government Association (SGA) these students would have a necessary voice. I also believe a strong working SGA would not only help the students, it would also help the faculty and administration.

SGA works as an advocate between the student population and the administration. The SGA would represent the entire student body. All concerns, comments, and solutions are addressed by the SGA, and then brought to the administration in a professional and efficient way.

At Eastern New Mexico University, the student government has different programs to promote university fellowship, yet they also have similar programs and committees that help bring about all necessary changes and aim to help improve student life. I think this is a positive solution for the needs of students here. Ithaca College Student Government holds night events for students that want to come and help make a difference in their college, in addition to working to make it an enjoyable event for the students by finding new ways to show school spirit.

Finally, Beacon College is a great institution for many reasons, and reaching out to its students is vital in order to accomplish the college’s ultimate goals. There is currently a gap between students and administration. I feel if Beacon College had a Student Government Association similar to those listed above, students would be more involved with the college than ever before and the link between the study body and administration would be better all around.

I realize that the SGA is something that the students need to have an interest in for it to work, but if the college can help spread that interest, I truly believe this will work. So I propose that Beacon College faculty and administration help start something that will change this college to make it better for all that are a part of Beacon.

If you have any questions, please contact me at



Ural Khiry Washington

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