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Dr. Stowe’s Personal Hero by Dustin Opper

| Student Work

Dustin Opper interviewed Beacon professor, Dr. Kirk Stowe, on his personal hero. Here is what he discovered:

Dr. Stowe joined the Beacon College family in the Fall semester of 2009. Ever since, Beacon has been well-endowed with vast scientific knowledge. However, how did the man behind the science gain his knowledge and find his way to Beacon? When posed with the question of how his personal hero was, Dr. Stowe replied, “My father, Virgil.” The principle reasons for his choice are his hero’s ethical demeanor and philosophy of education, which is, your grade is second to your efforts. Virgil, who holds a PhD in mathematics and was a high school math teacher until he retired, now owns a construction company at 84-years old.

At age 10, Dr. Stowe became interested in plants and animals and their interactions. At age 20, he became conscious of the impact that his hero had on his life. The greatest benefit that Dr. Stowe has had working here at Beacon College is the small class sizes and the unique opportunity it allows for him to better know the students. One distinct advantage of knowing your students, Dr. Stowe pointed out, is the ability to cater your teaching style to optimize the amount of concept material absorbed. After all the absorbing I was doing, I asked for a closing statement. The Dr. replied, “Give peace a chance.”

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