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Peace River Trip by Katie West

| Student Work

The event that I am writing about took place Friday, January 21- Sunday, January 23. It took place along Peace River. The people who were there were Braden, Dustin, Khiry, James, Chase, Mel, Katie, Sam, Rebecca, Ray, David, Carolyn, Cassandra, Eric, Maria, her two son’s John and Jerry, and Meli the dog.
We went canoeing along the Peace River. We started down the river at around 10:00 in the morning. We stopped for lunch. After we finished eating and after paddling down the river some more, Sam and I landed up on the bank. I was pushing us off a bank , and when I got into the canoe, we tipped over. Dustin and Braden helped us get going again. Then, Sam and I paddled a bit more and then Maria and I switched canoes and I went with Jerry. Jerry and I paddled at a quicker pace than I was able to do with Sam. We paddled for a bit more and then the current took us into a log that was sticking out of the water. When I was trying to push Jerry and myself off of it, I fell in the really cold water. Then, Jerry and I were able to catch up with the rest of the group and I was able to put on some dry clothing. Boy did that feel good! We each had a bag of chips. Yum! Then, we got back in the canoe and paddled for a bit more down the river. We had to do the limbo below a log then we made it to the campsite for the night. It got really cold, like around 26 degrees outside. There was frost on the outside of the tent. The next morning, I was in a canoe with Ray and we sort of landed on a bank several times, but I did not need to get out of the canoe while pushing us back into the water. We made it back to the canoe launch at around 1:00 pm and we had to wait for the rest of the canoes to make it to shore before we went to pick up Maria and Sam from a hotel. Then, we all went to a Chinese buffet for dinner. There may be another meeting for the Adventure Club, but I do not know what day or where it will be held. There may not be another meeting.

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