Meet Beacon Buzz Student Journalist: Sam Healy

My name is Sam Healy and I am from East Hampton, CT. I am studying Human Services with a Minor in Psychology. I am a senior at Beacon. I would like to find a job working with people who have autism. I played the trumpet in elementary school. I think that the news is important […]

Meet Beacon Buzz Student Journalist: Nicole Guernsey

Hi, my name is Nicole Guernsey. I am from Jacksonville, FL. I am a sophomore at Beacon College. I am a Human Services major and I am graduating with my Associate’s degree this April. What I want to do after college is to work with people who have Asperger’s and NLD. An interesting fact about […]

Meet Beacon Buzz Student Journalist: Kaela Surface

My name is Kaela Surface and I am from Wishek, ND. I am currently enrolled as a sophomore here at Beacon College, and am going for my bachelor’s degree in the Web and Digital Media track of the Computer Information Systems major. After I graduate from Beacon, I will be going into the Peace Corps […]

Meet Beacon Buzz Student Journalist: Katie West

My name is Katie Lynn West and I am originally from Milford, MI, but now I am from Key West, FL. I am studying classes towards my major, which is Human Services with a minor in Psychology. I am a first-semester senior. I would first like to accomplish getting a job working in a hospital […]

Sharing Fiction Stories

Over Thanksgiving Break, E.B. Newlon worked hard to develop a story inspired by the fiction workshops she attended over the last month. She shared it with us in the Writing Center; Rebecca Stoler, Alex Blankenship, and Katie West were all there to support her!